Business Relocation Tips To Minimize Downtime

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Business Relocation Tips To Minimize Downtime

There are many things to consider when moving a business. Careful thought and planning can reduce downtime and save you money. The following tips from Iron Mountain Janitorial Services can make the transition from one location to another easier.

Developing a Plan

The first step is to develop a plan for moving. Using a process map template can help you lay out all the necessary steps. The planning stage allows you to analyze upcoming moving processes and gives you time to consider their outcomes. Of course, key elements to this stage is calling on Iron Mountain Janitorial Services to schedule time for cleaning before and after the move. In addition, brainstorming with your employees and assigning duties so that everyone knows what they need to do and in what order helps minimize frustration in the workplace. 

Consider what’s needed at the new location. You need the utilities turned on and reliable internet service in place. Your employees need adequate workspace and the tools to perform their jobs successfully. Determine which office furniture fits your new floor plan, and think about what equipment to move and what requires replacement due to age or lack of use.  

Your process map should also include items such as choosing a moving company and packing your items. Moving to a new state has its own challenges. For example, you need to register your LLC or corporation. You can avoid expensive attorney fees by researching your new state’s requirements and handling this yourself or by using a formation service. Don’t forget to transfer any professional licenses and update your liability insurance.   

Choose a Moving Company

When choosing a moving company, find one that offers services that meet your needs. Before obtaining a quote, evaluate the companies you’re considering by reading online reviews or by reaching out to other businesses for recommendations. 

Many moving companies provide local, long-distance, and international relocation services. Some offer full-service packing and unpacking and short-term and long-term storage. This may be important if you choose to move your company in stages.


Communicating early to stakeholders minimizes confusion and frustration. Customers, investors, and suppliers should be made aware of the move and given instructions on how to continue to do business with you. 

Calgary Office Movers points out that your employees are key players in a successful transition. Informing them of what’s expected of them and giving them a timeline aids them in doing their part to meet the goal of an easy move.

The use of social media and updating your website are great ways to announce the move. Put up ads on social media like Facebook to alert customers and potential customers to your new location. Fortunately, it’s possible to do this yourself; you can quickly create Facebook ads by using free, online editable templates that adhere to that platform’s posting requirements, including size and dimensions. In addition, it’s a good idea to send emails or letters to your business contacts. 

Avoiding Negative Outcomes

Aginto advises helping prevent negative moving outcomes by keeping a running list of completed and upcoming tasks to keep yourself and your employees on track. To minimize disruption to your business, avoid packing too soon, as this may result in a need for items you don’t have easy access to. Also, failing to properly label boxes makes unpacking difficult.

Transitioning the  Workplace

A properly designed process map template or timeline ensures minimal disruption in productivity as you transition to your new worksite. In addition, proper communication with your employees, stakeholders, and the moving company goes a long way toward a successful move.

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