Learning Curves

Balancing Running a Business and Family Responsibilities: No More Guilt There is life before, during and after work. The cleaning industry is extremely competitive so I made the decision early-on to be available at a moment’s notice 24 hours a day. But that comes with a, sometimes, heavy price. But this is a burden that […]

Benefits of A Professional Janitorial Service

Cleaner Workplaces Hiring a professional janitorial service will save you bundles as compared to paying for your own janitors. Consider their salary, insurance, and other benefits that you won’t have to pay. A professional service is a perfect way to avoid these additional maintenance and business costs. Contracting a professional janitorial service for your office […]

Are Your Cleaning Customers Motivated by Quality or Price?

Customers who value quality will spend whatever it takes to keep their buildings looking brand new. Those who prioritize budget will pay only the bare minimum, even if it means barebones services. It may sound like quality-minded customers are far superior to budget-minded clients. The truth is, each group has pros and cons. Both can […]