2018 San Antonio Building Space by Class A/B/C

According to San Antonio Office/Q 1 2018 our city boasts 93 high-rises- 8 of which are skyscrapers. Make that nine with the addition of the new Frost Bank Tower. Continuing to use data from 2018 there was a total inventory of 58,686,342 sf of office space available. That inventory requires cleaning. These are submarket statistics […]

What Customers Want From a Commercial Cleaning Company

Commercial cleaning customers demand and deserve quality work A cleaning business should strive to provide quality work as a foundation of its cleaning services. If a cleaning service is not providing superior service they run the risk of losing customers and gaining a poor reputation. That can be devastating in a world of Google reviews […]

Everyone Sees the Wine but Few See the Crushing of the Grapes

Behind the Scenes Perhaps I am showing my age but as a child, and to this day, I Love Lucy remains a favorite sitcom that I will never tire of. One of my favorite episodes is when Lucy, while traveling through Italy, decides to soak up some local culture in order to be cast in a small […]