The Early Bird Gets the Worm

As the idiom implies, one must be a step ahead of the competition. If the bird dawdles, the other birds will find the early-morning worms and, his catch will be difficult to find. The bird has many competitors (red, blue, brown, black, large and small) looking for survival. The same can be said for the […]

2018 San Antonio Building Space by Class A/B/C

According to San Antonio Office/Q 1 2018 our city boasts 93 high-rises- 8 of which are skyscrapers. Make that nine with the addition of the new Frost Bank Tower. Continuing to use data from 2018 there was a total inventory of 58,686,342 sf of office space available. That inventory requires cleaning. These are submarket statistics […]

Learning Curves

Balancing Running a Business and Family Responsibilities: No More Guilt There is life before, during and after work. The cleaning industry is extremely competitive so I made the decision early-on to be available at a moment’s notice 24 hours a day. But that comes with a, sometimes, heavy price. But this is a burden that […]

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Author Joe A. Isenberg II Owner of IMJS