As an essential business, keeping your workspace clean is about more than just aesthetics. Keeping your workspace clean means protecting your employees and clients alike.

Know the Differences

Do you know the difference between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting? Many people do not!

CLEANING: removes dirt and debris from a surface and makes things look shiny and clean

SANITIZING: is to have a substrate deemed hygienic. It reduces, not eliminates, the growth of bacteria.

DISINFECTING: is killing germs and bacteria. The germicide must be left on the surface for the dwell time listed  on the product label before wiping.

If I offered you a $20 dollar bill would you take it? What if I, first, wadded it up would you still want it? How about if I placed the $20 dollar bill on the ground and stepped on it and squished it until it was really dirty. Would you still want it? Most people would because, you see, it is still a $20 dollar bill. It may have endured some hardships but it has not lost any value!

Buildings are different though. They require daily upkeep otherwise they lose value. A clean office can help keep employees happy and healthy thus increasing retention and reducing absenteeism. It speaks volumes to clients that might drop by and can actually increase sales!

These days, in particular, it's not simply a matter of having a tidy office that has been swept, mopped, vacuumed and dusted. The Covid-19 Pandemic has impacted the mindset of every individual and new protocols have been adopted and adapted to.  Iron Mountain Janitorial Services can help put everyone at ease. Green cleaning is simply not enough to protect you and your employees these days, therefore; we make it a point to disinfect all switch plates and door handles on each visit using a hospital grade disinfectant.

Our team brings the expertise needed to ensure the job gets done correctly while abiding by safety standards. We provide a full range of cleaning and organizing services for individual tenants and property owners alike . We believe in working closely with our customers to deliver an experience that exceeds their expectations. Whether your office simply requires a periodic cleaning or your entire building needs cleaned and maintained daily,  our team will go the extra mile to give you the service you deserve at competitive pricing.

​Iron Mountain Janitorial Services is a Local Veteran Owned Janitorial Cleaning Service serving San Antonio and surrounding communities

Iron Mountain Janitorial Has Your Health in Mind

On each visit we disinfect all touch items such as:

  • Door handles, push bars and knobs
  • Switchplates
  • Blind drawstrings
  • Desktops, drawers, handles
  • Computers, mouse, keyboards, staplers, hole punch and tape dispensers (using UV light)
  • Armrests
  • File cabinets, handles
  • Restroom sinks, faucets, counters and handles
  • Toilet handles and seats
  • Kitchen refrigerator exteriors, handles
  • Microwave exteriors
  • Card Readers and Keypads
  • Mailboxes

Proud to offer services that will sweep you off your feet!

Cleaning Services

In Order to be The Best Cleaning Service in San Antonio and Surrounding Communities, We Utilize a Color-Code System to Prevent Cross-Contamination. Microfiber Cloths Used in Restrooms are Never Used in Other Parts of Any Office and Building. Cleaning Includes:

  • Restroom vents- we actually clean inside to preserve your health
  • Vacuuming & Sweeping- every square inch
  • Restrooms Sanitized and Disinfected- we even clean the walls
  •  Conference Rooms- Dusted, Cleaned, Sanitized and Disinfected
  • Trash Removal- Receptacles Cleaned and Sanitized regularly
  • All Surfaces (Carpet, Hardwood, Tile  Marble etc.)
  • Elevators- Polished, Cleaned,  Sanitized and Disinfected
  • Stairwells- Sweep & Mop
  • High/Low Dusting- We will tackle the cobwebs and dust
  • Interior Window Cleaning
  • Switch Plates- Cleaned and Disinfected
  • Door Handles/Push Bars- Cleaned and Disinfected

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