2018 San Antonio Building Space by Class A/B/C

According to San Antonio Office/Q 1 2018 our city boasts 93 high-rises- 8 of which are skyscrapers. Make that nine with the addition of the new Frost Bank Tower. Continuing to use data from 2018 there was a total inventory of 58,686,342 sf of office space available. That inventory requires cleaning. These are submarket statistics […]

Learning Curves

Balancing Running a Business and Family Responsibilities: No More Guilt There is life before, during and after work. The cleaning industry is extremely competitive so I made the decision early-on to be available at a moment’s notice 24 hours a day. But that comes with a, sometimes, heavy price. But this is a burden that […]

Benefits of A Professional Janitorial Service

Cleaner Workplaces Hiring a professional janitorial service will save you bundles as compared to paying for your own janitors. Consider their salary, insurance, and other benefits that you won’t have to pay. A professional service is a perfect way to avoid these additional maintenance and business costs. Contracting a professional janitorial service for your office […]