2018 San Antonio Building Space by Class A/B/C

According to San Antonio Office/Q 1 2018 our city boasts 93 high-rises- 8 of which are skyscrapers. Make that nine with the addition of the new Frost Bank Tower.

Continuing to use data from 2018 there was a total inventory of 58,686,342 sf of office space available. That inventory requires cleaning. These are submarket statistics reflecting the total of all class A/B/C buildings in San Antonio. Construction of new buildings has continued steadily but I do not have current figures for 2019.

A further breakdown of sf by class is as follows:

  • Class A- 16,634,071
  • Class B- 34,993,982
  • Class C- 7,058,289

My point is that there is an awful lot of office space being cleaned by a handful of large companies. A few are known nationally and at least one internationally.

From my experience it is nearly impossible to speak with or connect with the decision makers/property management of such buildings. They have long and happy relationships with their current vendors and that is good. My question is how did these huge companies initially establish such long and happy relationships?

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