Are Your Cleaning Customers Motivated by Quality or Price?

Customers who value quality will spend whatever it takes to keep their buildings looking brand new. Those who prioritize budget will pay only the bare minimum, even if it means barebones services.
It may sound like quality-minded customers are far superior to budget-minded clients. The truth is, each group has pros and cons. Both can be great customers and both can be problematic.

Quality-minded customers pay premium prices, value cleaning, and appreciate their contractors. On the other hand, their high standards can be difficult to meet. They expect their contractors to display the utmost professionalism and provide exceptional service. And they may not be understanding when problems (being short-staffed, running out of supplies, or scheduling changes) affect their services.

​Budget-minded customers may not share their cleaning contractors’ dedication to creating beautiful and healthy buildings. They are also likely to haggle to get the “biggest bang for their buck.” That said, frugal business owners can be great customers. They may be less demanding and require less attention, plus they are more tolerant of problems and inconveniences if it means a lower price.

Keep in mind, you must set the proper expectations when working with budget-minded customers. You are in business to make a profit, so don’t give them your top-of-the-line service when they have a low budget. Low budgets mean less frequent service so make sure you are clear on that expectation.

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