Budget-Minded vs. Quality-Minded

Recently I read an interesting online article from thejanitorialstore.com. The article is titled, “Are Your Cleaning Customers Motivated by Quality or Price?” Its author, Steve Hanson is a LinkedIn member and coach.
When I read, my purpose is either to learn or be entertained.

Being I began my company less than five years ago, I am still learning the business side of things. Experience working in a business is one thing but actually owning one is quite different. Hanson’s article could not have come at a better time because as I read it I was able to confirm, from experience, the things he pointed out.

There are clients who are more concerned about cost than quality and they will haggle over pricing. They usually are not concerned about how beautiful their office is and are often easier to please if a scheduling problem arises.
The majority of my clients are quality-minded and pay a great deal more than the budget-minded. Their standards are more closely matched to mine and their offices are often used in my video promos.

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