The Early Bird Gets the Worm

As the idiom implies, one must be a step ahead of the competition. If the bird dawdles, the other birds will find the early-morning worms and, his catch will be difficult to find. The bird has many competitors (red, blue, brown, black, large and small) looking for survival. The same can be said for the business world.

Owning a business requires much behind-the-scenes effort. Many nights, after the grandchildren are settled and asleep, it is not uncommon for me to burn the midnight oil and actually run this business. There is much research to do in order to stay afloat and actually get ahead. There are 328 cleaning companies in Bexar County so the competition is fierce. Learning about keywords, back-links, Word Press and CSS files can be daunting but necessary. Studying the websites of my competitors has become a new norm for me. What does my competition do differently than meWhy do I receive less traffic to my website than others? These are questions that I had to find answers to.

Not that I subscribe to Darwinism, something I do remember studying, briefly, in high school and university, but I do believe, strongly, in Survival of the fittest. It’s a dog-eat-dog world and in order to survive one must be strong.

The answers were staring me in the face all along. Firstly, being I’m not an IT expert or website guru-I should let someone else handle the headache. I have since turned that over to professionals. Secondly, I observed something that really should not have been missed. Nearly every competitor (that actually had a website) claimed business hours as Monday through Friday.  Closed offices on weekend?

Availability is extremely important – especially in an emergency situation! With the Corona virus still impacting our planet it is crucial to set peoples’ minds at ease knowing they can call at any time 24 hours a day. This realization has certainly impacted my business and now I find myself scheduling crews to travel to different cities to disinfect “Big Box” stores. Yes, the early bird does get the worm!

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