Are Your Cleaning Customers Motivated by Quality or Price?

Customers who value quality will spend whatever it takes to keep their buildings looking brand new. Those who prioritize budget will pay only the bare minimum, even if it means barebones services. It may sound like quality-minded customers are far superior to budget-minded clients. The truth is, each group has pros and cons. Both can […]

2018 San Antonio Building Space by Class A/B/C

According to San Antonio Office/Q 1 2018 our city boasts 93 high-rises- 8 of which are skyscrapers. Make that nine with the addition of the new Frost Bank Tower. Continuing to use data from 2018 there was a total inventory of 58,686,342 sf of office space available. That inventory requires cleaning. These are submarket statistics […]

What Customers Want From a Commercial Cleaning Company

Commercial cleaning customers demand and deserve quality work A cleaning business should strive to provide quality work as a foundation of its cleaning services. If a cleaning service is not providing superior service they run the risk of losing customers and gaining a poor reputation. That can be devastating in a world of Google reviews […]

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Author Joe A. Isenberg II Owner of IMJS